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Thangka Catalog - Other Thangkas
In this category of Thangka Painting collection we offer you a wide range of wonderful Thangka Paintings of various deities in different sizes and price range. In this category you will find the excellent collection of Thangka Paintings of various deities painted by experienced and dedicated artists of Nepal who have been in this business for generations. We also provide these Thangka Paintings in wholesale. Please refer our wholesale section for details.
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23 x 17.5 Standing Buddha Thangka
Price : US$ 384.62
In stock
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This Standing Buddha Thangka Painting is beautiful
with antique finish look.
32 x 22 Dugar Thangka
Price : US$ 528.57
In stock
[+] Enlarge Details
Dugar is one of the protector gods who has
thousand arms and thousand heads symbolizing his
enormous strength and his wide vision.
20 x 20 Dragon Thangka
Price : US$ 57.14
In stock
[+] Enlarge Details
This is the Thangka Painting of Dragon. Dragon
holds important role in Buddhist Religion.
3.5" Offering Bowl Set
Price : US$ 91.91
In stock
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3.5" Offering Bowl Set
27 x 22.5 Buddha Thangka
Price : US$ 271.43
In stock
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This is Buddha Thangka Painting. The different
monuments of Buddha Life are shown in this Thangka
27 x 22.5 Milarepa Thangka
Price : US$ 271.43
In stock
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Milerapa is believed to be the most beloved and
highly accomplished Buddhist master of Tibet. His
songs on enlightened experiences are still sung
today by the learned and lay people alike.
22 x 15 Surya Mandala Thangka
Price : US$ 400.00
In stock
[+] Enlarge Details
This Thangka depicts Surya Mandala. The Mandala
represents "palace of purity" a magic
sphere cleared of spiritual obstacles and
30 x 20 Vajradhara Chhoksing Thangka
Price : US$ 457.14
In stock
[+] Enlarge Details
This is the Thangka Painting of Vajradhara
Chhoksing. Choksing shows the different and
details of deities it their forms.
59 x 59 Cosmos Mandala Thangka
Price : US$ 214.29
In stock
[+] Enlarge Details
The Cosmic Mandala is encompassed by flaming
30 x 21.5 Vajradhar Chhocksing Thangka
Price : US$ 400.00
In stock
[+] Enlarge Details
This is beautiful Thangka Painting of Vajradhar
Chhoksing. In the middle of this painting
Vajradhar is shown in the middle of the painting.
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