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Why Purchase From Lama Thangka Art Center ?


Lama Thangka Art Center is of the largest Thangka Art Center dedicated to the traditional ancient old tibetan art.

WE have been in this tradition for more than 2 generation. We have 1000 's of orginal Thangka artworks for online sale.

WE are currently employing more than 70 professional traditional thangka artist who have been in this thangka art profession from generation.

WE make quality thangka paintings and we offer it at a fair price . " Quality Thangka Paintings Assured"

Beside credit card online order we also accept Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer etc.

We have a capacity to make 100 of thangkas per month.

Deliver Assurance:

We dispatch you Thangka order within 2 hrs through DHL Express or TNT EXpress after we receive your credit card verification for order confirmation. Normally it takes 12 hrs to verify your credit card.

We will send you DHL or TNT Air Way Bill Tracking No as soon as we dispatch your Thangka.

We make world wide delivery. It will reach any part of the world within 3-5 business days.

Safe Shopping Guaranteed

The Lama Thangka Art Center Guarantee to protects you while you shop at, so you never have to worry about credit card safety.

We Guarantee that every transaction you make with will be safe.

We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee or replacement policy on all our Thangka painting. If you are not satisfied with your painting for any reason, you must contact us with 7 days of receipt of your order, telling us why you wish to return the painting. For more information on how to return a painting please click here.

As soon as your painting is received we guarantee to either refund your purchase price in full or should you prefer,
supply you with a replacement painting to the same value.

Thangka Catalog
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48" x 36.75" Chenrezig Thangka Painting
Chenrezig is a form of Avalokiteshvara. Chenrezig is also known as the Buddha of Compassion or 4 armed Avalokiteshvara.
Price: US$ 1175.00
[+] Enlarge Details
12” x 12” Kalchakra Mandala Thangka
Kalchakra is a Sanskrit word for “Wheel of Time” and “Mandala” is a Tantric mediation device.
Price: US$ 73.85
[+] Enlarge Details
29.2” x 20.7” Green Tara Thangka
The Goddess Green Tara is a gentle female embodiment of universal compassion. Green Tara is the embodiment of the activity of all Buddha.
Price: US$ 414.29
[+] Enlarge Details
18" x 13.75 Whell Of Life Thangka
Commonly referred to as the "Wheel of Life" this classical image from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition depicts the psychological states, or realms of existence, associated with the unenlightened state.
Price: US$ 137.70

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