30"x 22.25" Medicine Buddha Thangka Painting

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This magnificent Medicine Buddha Thangka or Thanka will bring peace and good health to your home. Medicine Buddha Thangka or Thanka are said to dispense spiritual medicine when properly worshipped. Our Medicine Buddha Thangka or Thanka convey powerful presence and reflect the ancient healing tradition.

About Medicine Buddha -  The Supreme Healer

The Medicine Buddha, or Bhaisajyaguru, is the Buddha of Healing. Medicine Buddha empowerment to be the most powerful blessing for healing, dispelling sickness and for awakening the innate healing wisdom that lies within every individual. Meditating on the Medicine Buddha is considered to be a powerful method for increasing healing powers, allowing practitioners to alleviate their own sufferings as well as those of others. Medicine Buddha wears a monastic robe, is seated with the legs crossed. His left hand lying in his lap in meditation mudra, usually holds the medicine bowl, while the right hand in charity mudra holds either a branch with fruit.

Dimension:           With Border: 30" x 22.25"                             

                               Without Border: 27.5" x 19.75"

Weight:                  2 lbs            

Material:                Cotton Canvas, Paint, and  24 K Gold.    

Origin:                   Nepal 

Artist:                    Dorje Lama           

Availability:          Express shipping, delivery time 5-7 business days with full insurance.

Note: Please note that the actual colors of this beautiful Medicine BuddhaThangka Painting may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color shown is as close as possible to the actual colors of the Thangka Painting.

We have wholesale option if you want Medicine BuddhaThangka Painting in bulk and we also take your design if you have any. Please mail us at info@thangkapaintings.com

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