1. What is Thanka or Thangka or Tibetan Painting?

Thanka or Thangka Tibetan Paining is a Buddhist religious painting. Thankas or Thangkas use intense colors and incredibly fine detail to depict deities and other elements of the Buddhist religion. A /Thanka or Thangkas or Tibetan Painting is painted or embroidered banner which is hung in a monastery or a family altar and carried out by Buddhist monks (also called lamas in local language) in ceremonial processions. In Tibetan word “Than” means flat and the later word “ka” stands for painting. That is how /Thanka or Thangka or Tibetan Painting gets it name. The Thanka or Thangka is thus a kind of painting done on a flat surface but which can be rolled up when not in required for display or ritual works.

2. What makes Thanka or Thangka so special ?

The main factor for Thanka or Thangka is; it is very delicate process. Thankas or Thangkas are painted by the master artisan who requires high skill, wide knowledge about different rituals and historical background of Buddhist culture, besides it requires high concentration and time. The colors used in Thankas or Thangkas or Tibetan Paintings are original colors like; gold powder, flower dusts, wood dust, etc. And the most important factor is Thanka or Thangka or Tibetan Painting is an excellent piece of art, every body of us will be admired by the beauty of the Thangka/Thanka or Tibetan Painting.

3. I have seen some Thankas or Thangkas with equal size of yours which are much cheaper than the Thankas or Thangkas in your web site, what's the difference?

Actually thankas or thangkas depend on the quality and the artist who makes the thanka or thangka .Thankas orThangkas can be found in any quality; very poor to very high quality. Higher quality thangkas/Thankas are more expensive than the lower quality Thankas or Thangkas though the size is same because of the various factors. In high quality Thankas or Thangkas the artist who make the Thangka/Thanka is the prime factor and the color combination of the paintings also matters a lot. We use original colors like; gold powder, flower dust, wood dust, etc. Since our artisans are in this business for generations and the colors use in our Thangka/Thanka will be original colors our Thankas or Thangkas are rest of all Thankas or Thangkas you find else where.

4. How experiences are the artists?

Very experienced. All our artist have been in Thanka or Thangka painting business for generations. Most of them are members of many prestigious painting associations and have won many awards.

5. Are your Thankas or Thangkas originals?

There is no doubt about that, all our Thanka or Thangka paintings are 100% original, one of a kind works of art, they are painted by Nepalese and Tibetan Thanka or Thangka painters who have dedicated their lives from generations to pursuit of perfection in art.

6. Are the Thanka or Thangka Paintings painted onto silk, or paper, or …….?

Unless otherwise stated all our thanka or thangka or Tibetan Paintings are painted onto a silk.

7. I have seen Thanka or Thangka Paintings which have silk brocade or silk veil and hanging in rod, but I don't see any kind of those Thanka or Thangka Paintings in your web site, what is the difference?

Actually the Thanka or Thangka Paintings which have silk brocade or silk veil and hanging in a rod are specially used in Monastery or family altar since Thanka or Thangka Paintings are used in different ritual and ceremony in Buddhist culture. The silk brocade or silk veil plays important role in Buddhist rituals therefore the Thanka or Thangka Paintings are wrapped with silk brocade and silk veil and the rod is to make it easy for Thangka/Thanka Paintings to hang and remain steady. Otherwise there is no difference in Thanka or Thangka Paintings.

8. Do you offer yourThanka or Thangka Paintings in the silk brocade or silk veil hanging in a rod?

Yes, we can provide our Thanka or Thangka Paintings in the silk brocade or silk veil hanging in a rod, for that all you have to do is just send us mail before placing your order.

9. Do you offer framing?

No we don't provide frame. However you should have no problem whatsoever finding a framing service in your area.

10. Do you ship your Thangka/Thanka Paintings internationally?

Yes, we ship our Thanka or Thangka Paintings to any country in the world.

11. What forms of payment of do you accept?


12. Is it safe to buy Thanka or Thangka Paintings through my credit card?

It is very safe to buy our Thanka or Thangka Paintings through your credit card in our web site.

13. What is the product guarantee? guarantees the quality of all merchandise. Should any item from this web site be deemed defective, we will gladly assist you.

14. Are your Thanka or Thangka Paintings insured?

Yes, we insure all our Thanka or Thangka Paintings for loss.

15. Do I have to pay customs charges?

That depends on your country's importing policy. Most of the time, we find that there are no customs duties to be paid.

16. Are there any extra charges for international shipments?

Absolutely not. Beside Thanka or Thangka Paintings, the only extra charge you have to pay while buying our Thanka or Thangka Paintings through our web site is DHL service charge and Merchant Account service charge.

17. What shipping method do you use?

Unless otherwise requested we use DHL for shipping our Thanka or Thangka Paintings. It is automatically insured for loss, comes with tracking and is the fastest way to ship.

18. How do I know if my order has been shipped?

You will receive an DHL Tracking No through e – mail from us when we have shipped any item of your order.

19. How soon will I receive my order?

Your order will be shipped from our warehouse within 12 hours of placing your order. And you will get your orders anywhere in between 4 to 6 days.

20. . Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, we offer wholesale for those who would like to buy our Thangka/Thanka Paintings in bulk. Please send us mail regarding the matter.

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