17"x13" Vajradhara Thangka Painting

Vajradhara thangka beautifully painted by artist from Nepal.

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Vajradhara  Thankga

Size with Border

17" Long x 13" Wide

Size without Border

15" Long x 11" Wide


Original Hand-Painted Cotton Canvas with 24 Karat Gold Detailing




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Bhaktapur, Nepal

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Vajradhara (Tib. Dorje Chang) is regarded as a manifestation of Shakyamuni Buddha. In Kagyu order, he is considered as primordial Buddha. Out of great compassion, Lord Buddha revealed many different means/paths to enlightenment and set forth three Wheels of Law to suit varying degrees of intelligence and receptivities. Shakyamuni Buddha himself was, it is said, in form of Vajradhara while he was teaching a tantric path to his gifted disciple. Vajradhara is depicted holding a vajra in his right hand and a bell in his left hand and his arms are kept crossed in front of him expressing complete integration of pranja and upaya. Vajra symbolizes the ultimate reality which is void or nothingness (shunyata) while the bell symbolizes wisdom (prajna). He usually depicted in blue color in vajraparyanka posture and vajrahunkara mudra. He has a crown, an urna and a ushinsha as of a sambhogakaya Buddha.