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Founder (Babu Lama)

Lama Thangka Art Center is thangka art work shop for all kinds of thangkas painting like Tibetan Thangka, Newari Thangka, and Japanese Thangka paintings. This site is own by one of the most reputed thangka painting producers in Nepal i.e. Thangka Art Center. Our online Thangka art gallery offers a selective collection of original thangka paintings.

Thangka Art Center is the manufacturer and wholesaler and distributor of the finest thangka in Nepal. We have been sending our outstanding thangka to numbers of shops all over the world as well in retailing our products in Kathmandu . We are located in downtown Thamel (next to Hotel Vaishali) Kathmandu's a famous tourist place. Thangka Art Center is founded by Babu Lama. During his 71 years of experience in art, he had been honored by several prestigious awards for his contribution in thangka paintings in Nepal.

We have been in the business of manufacturing and selling thangka paintings for more than two decades. Thangka Art Center has a factory located in Bhaktapur where each and every one of its thangkas are specially sketched, painted and designed. The making of a single thangka might take one week to more than a year and sometimes even more. Considering the amount of time and effort invested in the making of each thangka , the price of the thangka are surprisingly reasonable ranging from US$ 20 onwards.They are therfore absolute bargains! We also make customize design and size of all types of Thangka. Our Thangkas are painted by master artists in our factory according to exact traditional specification and framed with the finest silk brocade (on client request only).

Thangka Art Center produces a large variety of thangkas form small one to large one. We also take special request form our clients. Our master artist can make any kinds of thangkas. We are art experts; however we have a real interest in it and are learning more every day. We describe the thangka painting as best we can. In all cases we give you as much information about a scroll as we have. We show close-ups of every thangka painting so you can see the high quality of our thangka paintings. You can feel our thanka / thanka when you see it. We accept custom orders for any image for which you can provide a description or photograph.

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