42.5”x30.5” 21 Tara Thangka Painting

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21 Tara

Name 21 Tara  Thangka
Size with Border 42.5" Long x 30.5”" Wide
Size without Border 38.75" Long x 27.25" Wide
Material Original Hand-Painted Cotton Canvas with 24 Karat Gold Detailing
Style Tibetan
Weight 0.5 kg
Ships From Bhaktapur, Nepal
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 21 Tara

A set of manifestations of the female Buddha Green Tara – that’s why she’s depicted much larger in the center of the artwork.

Tara has 21 primary emanations, each of which performs different activities such as pacification, increase and so forth. The different colours of these 21 Taras correspond to the 4 different types of enlightened activity.

"Tara is the female Buddha of enlightened activity, of which there are 4 types: pacifying, increasing, overpowering and wrathful. Each of these is represented by a different colour:

White represents the enlightened activity of pacifying, for example overcoming sickness, causes of untimely death and obstacles to success in one's life or one's practice.

Yellow represents the enlightened activity of increasing the positive qualities conducive to a long life, peace, happiness and success in one's Dharma practice.

Red represents the enlightened activity of power, or overpowering external forces that cannot be tamed through the first two activities, for example, removing obstacles to sickness, untimely death, etc., and forcefully accumulating conducive conditions for one's Dharma practice.

Black represents the enlightened activity of wrath, which involves using forceful methods for accomplishing activities for enlightened purposes that cannot be accomplished through other means."

21 forms of Tara are:

21 forms of Tara are:

  • Nyurma Pamo
  • Loter Yangchenma
  • Sonam Tobche
  • Tsugtor Namgyalma
  • Wangdu Rigje Lhamo
  • Jigje Chenmo
  • Zhengyi Mithumba
  • Zhengyi Migyalma
  • Sengdeng Nagchi
  • Jigten Sumle Gyalma
  • Phagma Norter Drolma
  • Tashi Donje
  • Yulle Gyalma
  • Thronyer Chen
  • Rabzhima
  • Rigngag Tobjom
  • Pagme Nonma
  • Maja Chenmo
  • Dugkarmo
  • Rito Loma Jonma
  • Lhamo Ozer Chenma
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