47.5"x34.5" Maitreya Buddha Thangka Painting

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Maitreya - The Future Buddha


Maitreya Buddha Thangka Painting

Size with Border

47.5”" Long x 34.5”" Wide

Size without Border

43.5" Long x 30" Wide


Original Hand-Painted Cotton Canvas with 24 Karat Gold Detailing




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Bhaktapur, Nepal

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Maitreya - The Future Buddha

Maitreya Buddha is regarded as the Buddha to be born in the future of this fortunate aeon. After perfectly demonstrating how to achieve enlightenment, he will bring the pure teachings to the people, turning the Wheel of Dharma like Buddha Shakyamuni did thousands of years before. According to prophesy, Maitreya is the appointed successor of Shakyamuni, but he will only appear in the world after Shakyamuni's teachings have faded away completely.

For now, Maitreya waits in the pure heaven of Tusita , where he is reachable through meditation. He continually guides beings along the path to enlightenment, and he is especially revered for bestowing the spiritual realization of loving-kindness upon practitioners. Buddhists of all sects joyfully anticipate Maitreya's future appearance as a universal teacher. His virtuous deeds and wise leadership will give rise to a new golden age of peace, prosperity, and flourishing Dharma.


Maitreya is seated on a throne, with both feet on the ground, poised in readiness to rise as he awaits the call of his time. His hands, held at the level of his heart, form the Dharmachakra Mudra , the gesture of teaching and turning the Wheel of Dharma. Between the thumb and index finger of each hand he holds the stem of a lotus flower, indicating his radiant power and purity. Beside his right ear one lotus blooms and supports a golden Wheel of Dharma, which as it turns carries beings along spiritual paths to liberation and enlightenment. Beside his left ear the second lotus blossom supports a long-necked vase brimming with nectar; symbolizing the nectar of pure Dharma which Maitreya will one day pour onto the world. Above Maitreya's head is a beautiful parasol, indicating that he offers protection and refuge to all beings.

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